Hellfire Suppression Services Inc.

Fire Services

Oilfield/Industrial Firefighting and Well Control.

Hellfire Suppression is able to provide the industry and our clients options when it comes to firefighting and fire protection. One of the most catastrophic incidents that can occur on a job site is a large scale fire. A small uncontrolled fire can quickly escalate into a large scale uncontrollable fire resulting in the loss of life, injury, environmental damage, property damage and the loss of equipment. The end result is loss of production, loss of revenue and loss of equipment creating costly downtime and interruption to operations.

As industry leaders in firefighting and fire standby services we have you, your workers and your assets protected. From Frac and industrial fire standby, tank and tank fire fighting  to forestry and storage and landfill fire extinguishment we have you covered.

Our equipment is designed to operate 24/7 in temps ranging from -40c to +40c. Our equipment ranges from small 100gpm portable pumps to 5000gpm skid mounted pumps and mobile fire trucks. With a wide array of end apparatus we are capable of meeting any of our clients needs. Working with industry leaders in fire extinguishment we carry a large stock of firefighting foams, gels and dry chemical products to assist with extinguishment.

For a full line of fire suppression services contact Hellfire to see how we can assist you in meeting your fire protection and extinguishment needs.